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Joe Sparey at easel


Instagram, painting.

Twitter, birdwatching.

Twitter, other British wildlife.


b. 1981, Worcestershire, England.

May 2024, TEN MOIR Gallery, "Animals" Finalist
May 2024, BLUE SPACE Gallery, "Expressions of Humanity" Honourable Mention

I’m new in the public domain (April 2024) after sitting with the ‘problem’ of art for 15 years.


I’m wired visually, something of a naturalist, and have a curious mind. Throw all those things into a pot and what comes out are the paintings you see. I aim to pull the poetry from the subject matter and underpin it with solid visual mechanics. i.e. honest paintings that don’t need a clever narrative. Poised, one hopes, to still be good paintings many years into the future. 

  Joe Sparey 

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